Naoden’s purpose is to develop local energy resources.

Given the diversity of fuels and their characteristics, we can help you identify and qualify the resources you are seeking to develop.


Grade A wood

Wood from untreated packaging or panels


Recoverable residue

Grade B wood

Waste from solid wood furniture or lumber residue



    Recoverable residue

Non-recovered industrial resources

Waste consisting of recycled paper and cardboard

Green waste

Branches, small wood fragments   Recoverable residue

Fruit stones and shells

    Recoverable residue


Naoden has carried out numerous fuel tests, varying their main characteristics (granulometry, moisture content, fines content, etc.) to qualify them.

Atmospheric emission measurements are carried out to validate compliance with environmental discharge standards.

NAODEN shares its experience with committed prospects and customers and offers to carry out specific test campaigns for unqualified fuels.

Please contact us for any requests.


Depending on the fuel used, post-reduction residue can be used in various industries. If you wish to be supplied with biochar, please contact us.      
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